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Folder Guard 9.0

Folder Guard can help you protect the sensitive data you store on your computer
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Folder Guard can help you protect the sensitive data you store on your computer. By intercepting the requests exchanged by the operating system and the applications and at the same time analyzing such requests according to the attributes previously agreed upon with the user, Folder Guard can successfully control the access and visibility of folders and files.

The program is quite easy to use. The access to program itself is password protected. Additionally, you can set other passwords to protect specific items. Since messing with access permissions is always risky, it is a blessing that the program includes a wizard to help you set the desired attributes. This way, you can configure three access levels to a given element: full access, read-only and no access. Likewise, you can set a folder’s visibility so that it remains fully visible, appears empty or becomes completely hidden.

There are two different ways to access a protected folder. The easier method is by clicking on the element and supplying the password, but you can also unprotect the item from within the program’s interface.

Fortunately, Folder Guard does not depend on the type of file system, so it does not require NTFS drives to work properly. Regrettably, the whole protection system can be avoided by entering Windows in Safe Mode.

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  • It is easy to use.
  • It is rather safe to use.
  • It can protect your data in several ways.
  • It works independently on the file system


  • The protection can be avoided by entering Windows on Safe Mode
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