Folder Guard

Folder Guard 20.1

Control access to folders and assign protection
Make your folders invisible or restrict access to them by means of passwords or read-only permissions. Lock separate files or prevent the relocation, copying, or removal of the folder content, assign a login and password combination for entering a folder or opening a file, etc.

Folder Guard is a utility that helps you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private directories. This type of programs proves to be of good use if you share your computer with various people and wish to keep your personal data hidden from prying eyes.

You have access to a comprehensive help manual which might come in handy if you're new to this type of privacy protection tools. In addition, all protection settings are very simple to configure and the program's interface is quite intuitive.

A great aspect is that you can password-protect the utility. This means that if an unauthorized user is attempting to access Folder Guard's records, she or he will need to enter the master password. Furthermore, if someone is trying to shut down the program, all data permissions remain intact and your folders hidden.

In my testing, Folder Guard worked flawlessly, immediately completed any given task, and was very simple to handle.

The only disadvantage is that the tool might seem a bit pricey for home users, especially if they are not in need of many security settings and other advanced features.

To conclude, it's up to you to decide, based on your budget and needs, if it's worth buying Folder Guard for your PC or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Available in various languages
  • Can also protect system files
  • You can password-protect the program
  • Comes with a comprehensive help guide


  • A bit pricey
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